For 100 years, the Carrier name has been equated with innovative, hardworking products. Throughout the industry, our reputation is well known and our accomplishments are praised.  The Carrier tagline, “Turn to the Experts”, was born out of extensive market research. After gaining a thorough understanding of our target market, we developed many potential taglines, all of which were tested at the consumer and dealer level. “Turn to the Experts” was the clear winner. Not only does it perfectly communicate Carrier’s position as the leader in the industry, our focus groups indicated it is exactly what consumers want from a brand – superior expertise, high-quality products and services, and well trained dealers, to name a few.

When we began the process, we knew it was essential for all elements to work together, from look to message to promise. We needed to send a strong message to our audience, one that hit directly at the core of our mission. It had to be distinct and completely connect with the consumer. Numerous focus groups, interviews, online surveys and national tracking studies were conducted to help us gain sound learning about our customers needs and desires, as well as the position of the industry. Today’s market includes increased competition, consumers who are more active in their purchase decisions and dealers who are focused on earning consumer trust. We also learned that consumers see Carrier as a trustworthy, innovative, high-quality brand. This consumer perception is integral, as Carrier dealers take pride in customer satisfaction.

We are proud to continue our heritage of leadership, innovation and technological advancement.  Here’s to the next 100 years!